Letter of Offer to be issued to 900 prospective pilgrims

27 November 2023

1. The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) will issue Letters of Offer to 900 prospective pilgrims for Haj 2024 (1445H). All selected pilgrims will be notified via SMS and email starting 29 November 2023. This early notification will provide prospective pilgrims ample preparation time for their upcoming pilgrimage.

2. Upon receiving the notification, prospective pilgrims must log in to the MyHajSG portal to check their Letter of Offer (LOO). To confirm their place for Haj 2024 (1445H), they must purchase their Haj package from a travel agent authorised by Muis and the procedural requirements set out in the MyHajSG portal by 10 December 2023.

Approved Travel Agents and Haj Packages

3. Muis has appointed 8 travel agents to provide Haj-related services to all allocated pilgrims for Haj 2024 (1445H)1. Prospective Singaporean pilgrims may choose from a total of 23 approved Haj packages. There are 8 short-duration packages with a duration of stay not more than 19 days, and the remaining 15 packages are long-duration packages of not more than 28 days.

4. The lowest package prices are $6,990 (quad occupancy), and the typical highest package price is $23,395 (double occupancy). On average, the Haj Package price has remained relatively the same as the prior year, which was at $11,595. Prospective pilgrims can view the information on the authorised travel agents and approved Haj packages 2024 (1445H) at

5. All package prices quoted are not inclusive of Airfare and Masyair services but include the provision of medical services in the Holy Lands (e.g. medical clinic operated by Singapore Pilgrims’ Affairs Office and EMA2). The total cost for the Airfare and Masyair services are expected to be $6,000 to $8,000.

6. Potential pilgrims are encouraged to purchase additional travel insurance to cover any exigencies on top of the EMA.

7. Potential pilgrims are also advised to evaluate the approved Haj packages based on individual needs and affordability before deciding on their preferred ones. They are also advised to read and understand the Haj Package Purchase Contract (HPPC), before purchasing their Haj packages. Appointed travel agents have been informed to explain the essential content of the contract to the pilgrims.

8. Potential pilgrims are also strongly recommended not to make any purchases from unauthorised travel agents claiming to provide Haj-related services. Muis encouraged potential pilgrims to book the approved packages provided by the 8 approved travel agents for a safe and peaceful Haj journey. 

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