Acronis XDR: A Game-Changer for MSP Cybersecurity

Acronis, a cybersecurity and data protection leader, has unveiled its latest innovation: Acronis XDR. This powerful solution simplifies cybersecurity for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) by offering a comprehensive, natively integrated platform.

Why is Acronis XDR a game-changer?

  • Combats Evolving Threats: Cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated. Legacy security tools are often complex, siloed, and expensive, leaving businesses vulnerable. Acronis XDR addresses this by offering complete protection without the burden of high costs or added complexity.
  • Built for MSPs: Acronis XDR streamlines security for MSPs with:
    • Unified Platform: Manage all services (cybersecurity, data protection, endpoint management) through a single agent and console.
    • AI-powered Efficiency: Investigate and respond to incidents swiftly with AI-based analysis and single-click response.
    • Scalability and Customization: Easily launch, manage, and scale security services. Plus, integrate additional tools into your existing tech stack.
  • Unmatched Business Continuity: Acronis XDR goes beyond traditional XDR solutions by offering native integration with data protection and endpoint management. This ensures unmatched protection for your clients’ vulnerable attack surfaces.

Industry Recognition

“Acronis makes a compelling entrance into XDR,” says Chris Kissel, Research Vice-President at IDC.

Acronis XDR builds on a strong foundation:

This latest launch follows Acronis’ successful introduction of Acronis MDR powered by Novacoast earlier this year. This service offers advanced endpoint security with data protection integration, which is perfect for MSPs.

Acronis is your one-stop security shop for MSPs:

With Acronis XDR and their comprehensive security portfolio, MSPs can now equip their clients with complete cybersecurity solutions and scale their operations for business growth.

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