OnePlus and Perfect World Games Partner to Bring Ray Tracing to Mobile Gaming

OnePlus, a leading global technology company has announced a technical partnership with Perfect World Games to bring ray tracing technology to the in-game play of their popular game, Tower of Fantasy. The companies are working closely to showcase this industry-leading technology on the newly launched OnePlus 11 5G mobile phone.

Ray tracing is a technology that enables dynamic in-game lighting, reflections, cross-physics illuminations, and shadows, allowing for extreme environmental realism when gaming. While this technology has been available on PCs for some time, incorporating ray tracing in open-world games on mobile platforms poses significant technical challenges. However, Perfect World Games has developed distance-based dynamic object frame-updating mechanisms and range-based ray tracing culling techniques that allow players to experience real-time stable frames while enjoying ray tracing effects.

With the introduction of mobile ray tracing technology, the game improves the effect of simulating the absorption of physically accurate light as it passes through and reflects off water surfaces. Moreover, this technology enables more accurate capturing of shadows and occlusion effects of objects in the distance and behind other objects, resulting in better visual performance than traditional rendering techniques.

To improve the graphics quality, OnePlus and Perfect World Games engineers co-developed the Real-time Inline Ray Tracing Pipeline and a novel Fast Temporal Convergence Algorithm for Ambient Occlusion, specifically tailored to meet the demands of “Tower of Fantasy” by utilizing a forward rendering pipeline. The OnePlus 11 5G is equipped with a Snapdragon┬« 8 Gen 2 mobile platform that supports hardware-accelerated ray tracing technology, allowing for the real-time rendering of mobile ray tracing on the graphics of Tower of Fantasy.

We’re extremely thrilled to cooperate with Perfect World Games to showcase this industry-leading technology that shapes the future of mobile gaming experience on the OnePlus 11 5G. OnePlus is dedicated to providing the most immersive game experience to our users and today we take this experience to a new level.

Kinder Liu, OnePlus COO and Head of R&D

Dan Xu at Perfect World Games stated, “We’re excited to cooperate with OnePlus to apply this advanced technology that was only seen on PCs in mobile phones. As a leading game developer, our mission is to bring the best experience to gamers, and ray tracing technology will dramatically transform the in-game experience.”

The partnership between OnePlus and Perfect World Games has paved the way for a revolutionary mobile gaming experience that provides players with more realistic and immersive graphics, giving them a glimpse of the future of mobile gaming technology.

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