Craft Your Dream Home Office with Unix Furniture’s Customizable Stone Standing Desks – Get 15% Discount at Comex 2023

Unix Furniture offers nearly 100 different styles of premium stone slabs and various customization options to enable homeowners to create stunning stone-standing desks that meet their unique visions and complete their dream home office. From the rich, gold veins of the Calacatta Gold tabletop to the mysterious majesty of Merke Marmo, Unix Furniture has a standing desk design that caters to every aesthetic preference.

Stone slabs are perfect for tabletops due to their exquisite designs, robust physical properties, and effortless durability. Unix Furniture provides a superior tabletop material, extensive design options, and customizable white-glove customer service at price points comparable to premium wooden standing desks.

Unix Furniture uses NSF-certified anti-bacterial quartz slabs, ensuring that the quartz slabs have passed stringent tests for public health protection. These tabletops are of such high quality that they can serve as a hygienic food preparation surface. The quartz standing desks are also resistant to stains, impacts, knocks, and heat, making them more robust and durable than wooden standing desks. They are easy to clean and maintain, and busy professionals will appreciate their effortless upkeep, allowing them to remain pristine for years.

Each standing desk has a built-in touch-sensitive control panel with multiple height presets anti-collision system and can support a maximum load capacity of 140 kilogrammes. Unix Furniture’s standing desks are crafted from a single stone slab and assembled on-site by their experienced delivery and installation team, ensuring perfection from the showroom to the customer’s workstation.

In addition to quartz, Unix Furniture offers sintered stone, granite, and terrazzo tabletops, ensuring a fit for almost every design style and budget. Unix Furniture carries in-house brands, such as Aurastone (quartz), Mysa (sintered stone), Louve (terrazzo), and Domus (granite), as well as popular international brands like Cosentino and Caesarstone.

COMEX 2023

Customers can take advantage of Unix Furniture’s 15% discount on purchases at Comex 2023 from 9 to 12 March 2023, both at the event booth and sales website, Customers can also opt for a three-month holding period, allowing them to order their table during the event and have it delivered up to three months later, making it convenient for those who have yet to move to their new homes.

About Unix Furniture
Unix Furniture was inspired by one of the founders’ search for a dining table for his new home. He wanted to find the perfect table to suit his design aesthetic and space, but the lack of customisable and reasonably-priced options made it more frustrating than expected.

After struggling to find something to suit his needs, he realised that other homeowners were also experiencing the same issues and wanted to help them. Unix Furniture was born with enthusiastic support from its partners at Aurastone, a premier countertop supplier in Singapore.

Now, Unix Furniture and Aurastone fabricate over 15,000 stone surfaces a year and are trusted by some of the most established brands in Singapore.

Readers are invited to visit Unix Furniture’s showroom at Woodlands, where they can choose their stone slabs from almost a hundred slab options in our stone library and catalogue.

Customers can also build their own customised standing desks with Unix’s online customiser.

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