Okta’s Integration with Singpass Brings Passwordless Experience to Singaporean Users

Okta, Inc., a leading independent identity provider, has integrated with Singpass, Singapore’s national digital identification service. The integration allows Singpass users to access broad business and government services with the same convenient and passwordless experience1. Okta customers approved by Singpass can now easily integrate Singpass QR Login with the Universal Login feature in Okta Customer Identity Cloud (powered by Auth0 technology).

Singpass is an identity provider managed by the Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech). Citizens have a unique ID to sign in to government services, and the technology has also been extended to the private sector over the last few years. Many organizations have successfully integrated Okta with Singpass, including NTUC Enterprise, a Singaporean group of social enterprises.

As an organization that has tested the Singpass solution with millions of users over the past year, we are delighted to report positive outcomes, in particular, improved user experience and increased customer satisfaction

Winson Lim, Head of Digital Product Development at NE Digital, the data, digital, and technology organisation that drives digital transformation for NTUC Social Enterprises

We are honoured to have worked with GovTech on this powerful integration. Now Okta customers can conveniently plug into a secure digital experience with Singpass QR Login.

Richard Marr, General Manager for Digital Native Business (DNB) at Okta

The integration with Singpass expands Okta’s authentication network and will no doubt help organisations to securely address their biggest digital challenges while enabling them to continue to innovate.

Ben Goodman, SVP and General Manager of Asia Pacific at Okta

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